International Buffalo Congress February 18-20, 2019, Lahore, Pakistan Subsistence to Commercialization

IBC 2019 Milk & Beauty Competition

God has blessed Pakistan with the finest and world renowned breeds of Nili-Ravi buffalo. The Punjab province of Pakistan is uniquely the home tract of Nili-Ravi breed of buffalo and inhabits 65% of the total buffalo population (38.8 million) in the country. Buffalo Research Institute (BRI), Pattoki District Kasur Punjab (Pakistan) functioning since October, 2005, is exclusively mandated research based improvement in reproductive and productive traits to develop buffalo as a commercially viable milk and meat producer as well as raising unit productivity for increasing income of the poor farmers.

Despite, other Research, Extension, Training & Planning activities, organization of annual milk & beauty competitions of buffalo is a regular feature of this Institute.

During the year, 2019 the milk & beauty competition events has been planned from 16th to 20th February, 2019 which will be a post event of the International Buffalo Congress 2019 going to be held at Lahore. The milk competitions will be organized amongst the 1st calvers and 2nd& above lactations. In these competitions there will be five milking (first two for udder emptying and last three will be counted for milk competition). The beauty competitions will be held among the categories of Two Teeth, Four Teeth (male & Female), breeding bulls, milking & dry buffaloes. The winner animals will be awarded cash prizes and trophies/ certificates.

For detailed information, kindly contact:

Dr. Maqsood Akhtar
Chief Research Officer
Buffalo Research Institute, Pattoki
049-442 7086-7,