International Buffalo Congress February 18-20, 2019, Lahore, Pakistan Subsistence to Commercialization

IBC 2019 Format for Publications

General Information:

Members are encouraged to submit original research, teaching, and extension abstracts. Oral presentations and posters should consist of original, completed work that has not been accepted for publication in a journal. Members are encouraged to present research findings in poster sessions to expand the presentation of material, to facilitate discussion of research results among members, and to diversify the meeting format. The detailed guidelines relevant to publication are as follows:

1. Abstract Book: (Mostly poster or oral)

  1. All abstracts must be submitted online at
  2. It will not be possible to submit abstracts after the deadline: Saturday, September 01, 2018. When you submit your abstract, you will be given a tracking link and password
  3. Abstract should not exceed 350 words. The system will automatically reject abstracts that are too long.
  4. The author submitting the abstract is responsible for its content and the quality of the preparation.
  5. Authors will be e-mailed by October 30, 2018, indicating the status (accept or reject) of their abstract. As soon as the program is finalized with presentation days, times, and locations; authors will be notified and this information will be posted on the meeting website at
  6. If, after reading these instructions, you have any questions regarding submission, please send an e-mail to
  7. All abstracts (Oral or poster) will be published in the congress abstract book.
  8. It will be distributed at the time of congress.
  9. The abstract book will also be displayed on IBC website.
  10. All the abstracts will be reviewed by two independent reviewers.
  11. Physical presence and registration fee are pre-requisites for the abstract’s publication.

2. Proceedings of Plenary/Invited Talk: (Keynote Speakers)

  1. Invited talks will be fully funded (Travel, Accommodation, and Local hospitality).
  2. Scientific committee of congress will request the topic for presentation.
  3. The full length article must not exceed from 4-6 pages.
  4. The articles will be published in the proceedings of the congress.
  5. The usual time scheduled for presentation of each speaker is 20 minutes.

3. Oral Presentations:

  1. Abstracts or full length articles can be submitted
  2. Abstracts will be published in abstract book, while articles will be published in Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences (IF: 0.407) after peer-reviewing from two independent reviewers after the congress.
  3. The usual time scheduled for presentation of each oral paper is 12 minutes, with 3 minutes for questions, discussion, and speaker transition.
  4. Registration is mandatory for full acceptance of the presentation.
  5. No travel or other support warranted.